Who am i

Hi, I’m Pascale Britte (aka Lizzie).

Lately i’ve lost sight of who i really am, so i’m gonna write down the pieces that describe who am i.

I love studying, i’ve always been workaholic.

My dream is to learn Japanese and hopefully live in Japan.

I don’t think i really have any friends at the moment.

I love painting, but my skills are pretty bad.

My favourite band is Cavetown.

I love Japanese street fashion.

I’m the type that isn’t harsh but isn’t nice either.I’m the type that doesn’t care, or i haven’t found right people to care about.

I love chameleons.

I still have a crush on a boy who was crying one year ago, i’ve been struggling to talk to him ever since.

I still have no idea who i am.



Life is NOT fun

Basically, here are lists of things that are happening to me right now.

  1. I’m sick, i kept vomitting for 5hours last night, now i have a bellyache and i missed a class!
  2. Exams are coming up, i have no idea how to study.
  3. I have 2 quizs coming up tomorrow and once again i have no idea how to deal with it.
  4. I have road trip on sunday, but i won’t be able to eat anything, since IM SICK!
  5. I’m transferring school.
  6. I lost my pencils so i’m not able to draw.


harry styles new album and CAVETOWN




I’m tired

Song of the day: Sorry by Halsey

I’ve always been a person who LOVED studying, this sounds weird, but i felt good when i knew i was going to learn something new. But now, as i said i’m losing myself. I can’t bring myself to study, but i really have to. what to do??